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Capture & Relocation


Rescue No 030613 02The process of chemically immobilising an animal to enable its safe capture and relocation is known as translocation.  

Having carried out hundreds of translocation rescues of macropods, Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc. Director, Marcus Fillinger, maintains a 100% success rate (includes target acquisition and health and well-being of the animal post-rescue).  A chemical immobilisation instructor, Marcus' success rate reflects industry standard.  

Chemical immobilisation rescue and translocation is suitable for a number of purposes including:

- to rescue animals requiring treatment or rehabilitation
- to safely remove animals from areas where they are at risk, pose a risk to public safety, or are stranded or displaced from their natural habitat due to misadventure
- as a successful alternative to violent and costly culling programs and in conjunction with other non-lethal approaches such as fertility control

The following test cases include direct rescue translocation, rescue for treatment, rehabilitation and release into a safe wild environment.


Rescue No 121113

12 November 2013

Rescue of a 35kg female Eastern Grey Kangaroo with a foot injury from a residential backyard in Jerrabomberra NSW.


Rescue No 050813

5 August 2013

Rescue for the chemical capture of a 95kg male Eastern Grey Kangaroo requiring cataract surgery.


Rescue No 020813

2 August 2013

Rescue for the chemical capture and translocation of a 32kg male Eastern Grey Kangaroo from the premises of the Kangaroo Football club in Queanbeyan NSW.


Rescue No 270713

27 July 2013

Translocation of 80kg male Eastern Grey Kangaroo from Sutton NSW.


Rescue No 250713

25 July 2013

Rescue of a 40kg female Eastern Grey Kangaroo with in pouch joey at Mt Campbell NSW.  The target animal had sustained a foot/ leg injury that requires treatment.


Rescue No 110713

11 July 2013

Translocation of 70kg male Eastern Grey Kangaroo from under a bridge after being displaced by pursuing dogs in Queanbeyan NSW.


Rescue No 030613

3 June 2013

Chemical immobilisation rescue of a 25kg Eastern Grey Kangaroo (with an injured foot) with 6kg dependant at foot joey located at Womboin NSW.


Rescue No 210113

21 January 2013

The chemical immobilisation rescue of a 75kg male EGK that has sustained various injuries following a dog attack.